La Maquina will fight for relevance in the Clausura 2020.

Cruz Azul will do whatever it takes for the upcoming tournament to end the 20 plus year Liga MX title drought.

La Maquina has a lot to prove and much to give to their loyal fans who have suffered in the past 20 plus years drought for a Liga MX title.  It’s very pertinent they make a sudden change in the Clausura 2020.

Along with the starlet goalkeeper Sebastian Jurado being new to the team for the upcoming tournament, Cruz Azul brought in a central midfielder, Pablo Cepellini ,as well one more new acquisition to the team. The most recent player coming from Los Gallos Blancos de Queretaro. Queretaro  had an outstanding and surprising Apertura 2019, that led them to one of their best tournaments since 1946!

Midfielder Luis Romo will take on an important role with Cruz Azul throughout the Clausura 2020 and moving forward. The most impactful signing besides the goalkeeper Sebastian Jurado is Luis Romo, whom already knows the grounds of Cruz Azul as he was part of the Fuerzas Basicas in 2015 for a tad bit until he moved to the Queretaro U-17’s and U-20’s . After which he debuted for Queretaro and was integrated to Queretaro senior squad in July 2018. With Queretaro, Romo slowly made noise due to his playing abilities. In Apertura 2019 though, the hybrid midfielder was a strong leader on the field as he tallied over 1,600 minutes of playing time, was an undisputed starter in 19 games, and scored 3 goals that were important for Los Gallos Blancos.

Cruz Azul coach, Robert Dante Siboldi, should have enough tools in his bag to compete, unlike last year. Cruz Azul’s faithful fans are left with optimism as usual, but one that’s paired with a side of skepticism also. One thing is for sure though Cruz Azul will start the Clausura 2020 when they are faced at home at El Estadio Azteca by Los Rojinegros del Atlas on Saturday the 11th of January, 2020.