3 Liga MX Goalkeepers to keep an eye out for in 2020

The Clausura 2020 is right around the corner and many players will showcase their skills in the next few months throughout the tournament but which goalkeepers should we keep a tab on?

One of the toughest jobs on the field of play is easily handed to the goalkeeper because in a span of seconds you could either go from being a hero to a villain and what it can also determine the outcome of the final score in a game. In the Liga MX there are a little well over 18 goalkeepers that play day in and out for the league and in the Clausura 2020, we choose top 3 goalkeepers that we need to be on a lookout in the tournament.

1.) Sebastian Jurado

Cementeros must rebuild

Sebastian Jurado is an athletic young goalkeeper who could wear the Cruz Azul No. 1 shirt for the next decade, if all goes according front office plans. (Photo by Cesar Gomez/Jam Media/Getty Images)

He has finally made his long awaited leave from los Tiburones de Veracruz. It’s not under the circumstances anybody would have wanted, but the club has ceased to exist due to a multitude of issues, from players accusing ownership of not being paid, and threats against the body of the Federation of Mexican Football. Sebastian Jurado their stand out shot stopping keeper has been an amazing player that has even been called up by Tata Martino to the  Mexican National Team. His arrival to Cruz Azul made a lot of Los Cementeros fans happy and it’s a fresh opportunity for him. Although he will be in direct competition with one of the most decorated veteran keepers Liga Mx has seen in Jose de Jesus Corona, former America keeper. The competition will be fin to watch as they may be switched out for games, or have one disputed starter until one messes up giving the other an opportunity to capitalize and make the starting job theirs. Either way, it should be fun.

2.) Marcelo Barovero

The Argentine was revered for his previous spells at clubs such as River Plate where he won the 2015 Copa Libertadores Cup along with many other accolades. As of the past few years though after signing with Club Necaxa he didn’t make too much of a splash. many had their doubts if he would be successful in Liga MX or not. This past 2019 Apertura tournament though has cemented his spot in Rayados history and is becoming loved just as he was at River Plate in Argentina. Basically winning the final single handedly, by doing enough to not allow America to score another goal in the first half of the second leg of the final after a disastrous start to the game. To coming up big in the penalty shootout blocking Nico Castillo’s shot at the beginning of the penalty shootout, to making Guido Rodriguez a very composed player, seem nervous and sky his penalty shot into the stands. He may not seem it at times, but he shows up when needed.

3.) Sebastian Sosa

Just when you thought we couldn’t fit another Sebastian on the list, we find a way along with the rest of his big hair that gives him +5 in space covered when he dives. (Jokes aside) The Uruguayan National Sebastian Sosa has been one of the most consistent keepers in Liga MX for the past 3 years that doesn’t get enough praise for it. Las Monarcas de Morelia aren’t the most high scoring team, so they rely on a very specific brand of football to get the most out of their team and one of the reason they were so successful this past year was having Sosa in-between those goal posts directing traffic, being aggressive, and keeping games close. Sosa was named FIFA player of the month for September 2019. He also came up clutch in Liguilla this past tournament keeping Morelia in the both legs of the first round knocking off title favorites Leon 5-4 in aggregate score in an upset nobody expected. Afterwords they fell short to an away goal from America where the aggregate score was 2-2. It will be interesting to see what Sebastian Sosa can accomplish in this new year and decade with Morelia.