Victor Guzman is just another case of doping in the Liga MX

It is unfortunate in the Liga MX dealing with testing positive for a banned substance and Victor Guzman is just one of the few that have dealt with the issue.

The first week of Clausura 2020 has begun and is rolling by but most of the fans and media around the league are not focused on the results such as Tigres draw at home versus Atletico San Luis or better yet the scary result of Cruz Azul losing at home to Atlas, instead the talks are about Victor Guzman scary situation.

Although the good news for loyal Chivas fans is seeing their first victory of the tournament in a convincing matter, they will now have to move forward without the midfielder Victor Guzman who will return to Pachuca after the controversial testing positive for doping back in the Apertura 2019.

With many questions being asked from fans and media on the whys and why not’s, this is not the first time the Liga MX has faced a sketchy situation like this. If we rewind time since the start of the 2000’s, numerous players were under the microscope of a banned substance in their system and we focus on the players that tainted their careers due to the testing of a substance.

Confederation Cup Germany 2005: Now who can forget that Confederation Cup tournament in Germany under Ricardo La Volpe tactics that had Mexico in high praises with many coaches around the world. During that time both defenders Aaron Galindo and Salvador Carmona where consistent starters for the national team, but the one that stood out was the defensive wing player Carmona who would own the flank and make plays for both the defensive and attacking side. During the tournament, news broke out that both players would not continue in the Cup and be separated from the national team due to indiscipline but later it was noted that it was due to a positive test with a substance in their system. Both were banned from the national team of Mexico for a year and surely they did not see any action with the team in the career. Carmona was highly affected as he was tested positive once again in 2006 that banned for life from playing in any leagues.

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The ‘Azteca Mexico’ soccer ball which was the official ball of the 1986 soccer world cup in Mexico is pictured during the general meeting of sporting goods manufacturer Adidas in Fuerth, Germany, on 08 May 2014. Photo: DANIEL KARMANN/DPA | usage worldwide (Photo by Daniel Karmann/picture alliance via Getty Images)

Omar Ortiz: Goalkeeper, Omar ” El Gato” Ortiz was not only involved heavily with testing positive for steroids during his tenure with Rayados de Monterrey back in 2010 that left him suspended for two years but shortly after completing his sentence in the Liga MX it came to light that he was organizing kidnappings with an organized crime. Ortiz ended up in jail serving over 70 years behind bars. Truly a tragic story.

Gold Cup 2011: Mexico national team during the summer were competing during the Gold Cup tournament and were doing a fine preparation until the news broke out that six players within the team were tested positive for a banned substance. Guillermo Ochoa, Francisco Javier Rodriguez, Antonio Nelson is better known as “Sinha”, Christian Bermudez and Edgar Dueñas were all separated from the team until the declarations came out that it was due a slice of contaminated meat that carried clenbuterol.

Julio Nava: During the Apertura 2014, Nava was faced with an 8-month suspension after being tested positive for banned steroids but eventually made his return to the Liga MX where he currently plays with Dorados de Sinaloa.

These are just a few cases since the 2000’s that the Liga MX has had to deal with and sadly it will not be the last situation just in general in the sports atmosphere. Guzman who is the current player that is undergoing an investigation has declared his innocence and has mentioned that he will fight for his career and get tested once again to prove that he has been playing correctly under the right terms. Let see how this plays out in the next days to come.