Carlos Vela, not closing the door on playing for Mexico.

Carlos Vela (Photo by Shaun Clark/Getty Images)
Carlos Vela (Photo by Shaun Clark/Getty Images) /

LAFC player, Carlos Vela yet again makes headlines as he would not close the opportunity with the national team of Mexico shortly.

By now how many times have we heard this story where many Mexican fans get their hopes up for a few days then it spirals down once again at the end of the day with Carlos Vela opening and closing the doors with the national team of Mexico? It seems that the situation is particularly compared to revolving doors since its a repeated cycle on what will happen with Vela with El Tri shortly.

Recently, the LAFC player who was the MVP of the MLS season in 2019 stated that he would not turn down the offer if it was presented correctly to him on aiding and participating with the national team of Mexico for the 2020 Olympic games in Toyko this summer. As well, Carlos Vela stated that he has not closed entirely the door to participate with Gerardo Martino squad shortly if he is needed.

Vela out of Gold Cup
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – APRIL 13: Carlos Vela #10 of Los Angeles FC reacts after earning a corner kick during a 2-0 win over FC Cincinnati at Banc of California Stadium on April 13, 2019, in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images) /

Certainly, overall it sounds very appealing and it would be reasonable to have the 30-year-old winger help in giving that experience for the young and upcoming players throughout the games. There is one problem which has been the constant problem for Vela since being part of the national team of Mexico, the “begging,” in what many fans see and feel.

But at times it makes total sense why he stands with his decision on why he is turning down the opportunities it is not just because he wants to sit back in his couch and see his teammates compete, but simply Vela wants to offer the opportunity to the younger generation on improving their skills in a highly competitive level with the national team of Mexico. But without a doubt, Vela has been and will be one of the top players Mexico has produced in many years but he has left a sour taste for many fans on what could have been or should have been if he was entirely connected with the national team for years.

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Truthfully as someone who saw spectacular moments in 2005 winning the U-17 World Cup against Brazil or showcasing his skills in the 2018 World Cup in Russia, I would not mind one bit seeing Vela on the field in the next few years because as he has been labeled by many as the top player in North America and across the world.