Is Jesus “Chuy” Corona time coming to an end?

Skipper Jesús Corona had a sub-standard season in goal for Cruz Azul. (Photo by Azael Rodriguez/Getty Images)
Skipper Jesús Corona had a sub-standard season in goal for Cruz Azul. (Photo by Azael Rodriguez/Getty Images) /

The veteran goalkeeper of Cruz Azul has received many criticisms throughout Clausura 2020 for cruel mistakes he has done that has led many fans on his future with the team.

It is no secret that the role of being a goalkeeper comes with a lot of criticism where you can be a hero one day and the villain the next and unfortunately that is the current situation of Jose de Jesus Corona, other known as “Chuy” Corona.

Cruz Azul played the final match of the Week 4 of the Clausura 2020 as the visiting team facing Los Diablos Rojos de Toluca, where it was a tough competitive match throughout the 90 minutes of the game. La Maquina was just seconds away on capturing their second win of the tournament but at the 94th minute, Toluca, attacking midfielder, Leonardo Fernandez shot a dagger into the goal that ended the score in a total 3-3, an evenly draw for both teams. But what stood out the most was the two errors that Corona had with the first goal of Toluca and finally, the last one that left many fans upset and yelled out, “Get out of here, leave Corona,” as the team’s bus was leaving Estadio Nemesio Diez.

Looking back in the recent tournaments, since the tournaments throughout 2018, Corona had horrific mistakes that led to either a loss or a draw for the team, which makes sense on why the fans are wanting the young prized goalkeeper to become their new goalkeeper in the backline, Sebastian Jurado.

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According to ESPN, they had the stats where it demonstrated that Corona productivity has been on a rollercoaster ride since the Clausura 2018 Corona had 18 goals received, Apertura 2018 his numbers dropped to only 13 goals received, Clausura 2019 only 15 goals received, but throughout the Apertura 2019 he received over 24 goals. Demonstrating that Corona had a scary tournament that left many fans in questioning if its the lack of age or overall team’s productivity. Currently, in Clausura 2020, Corona has registered 7 goals in his backline and although it is at the start of the tournament, many of those goals have been put to question if Corona time is surely up with the team.

The 39-year-old vet needs to start thinking of his next moves in his career because his position is becoming dense with his performances. Corona no doubt, will be placed as one of the top tier goalkeepers Mexico has produced in years as being part of top club teams in the Liga MX and most importantly with the national team of Mexico.