Leonardo Fernandez, the playmaker for Toluca

Toluca could turn into a top competitive team in the Clausura 2020 after having horrific performances in the past tournaments and that could be due to their playmaker in the making, Leonardo Fernandez.

At 21 years of age Leonardo Fernandez has become an instant figure so far with four games in the Clausura 2020 and It is due to his instant performances that have kept Toluca fighting to be a top team in the Liga MX. On Sunday afternoon, Toluca was down one goal at home versus Cruz Azul until the 94th minute of the second half, Leo Fernandez shot a dart into the back of the net of Jesus Corona that equalized the game to a 3-3 draw.

That was not the only time that Fernandez had a goal in the back of the net. The attacking midfielder also had his first goal in the first half of the game at the 19th minute, after a through pass given to him, Fernandez calmly placed the ball in the back of net beating the veteran goalkeeper Jose de Jesus Corona. With outstanding performance, Leo Fernandez earned himself to be on the top 11 players of the Liga MX in the week 4 matchups, by creating opportunities, being vital in the box against Cruz Azul and most importantly for the two goals that gave Toluca 5 points in the league standings.


Let us not forget a small detail, Fernandez was brought to the Liga

MX by Tigres in June 2019 and did not fit in the plans with coach Ricardo Ferretti and was loaned out back to Universidad de Chilean Chile, but tried to make a return for the 2020 tournament but Ferretti did not have plans with him for the Clausura 2020. So he was eventually loaned to Toluca for the start of this year, 2020 and certainly has made many wonders what went through Ferretti’s head by not sticking with Fernandez.

Tigres currently is lacking depth and by sticking with his main players, Enner Valencia, Eduardo Vargas, Andre-Pierre Gignac, Javier Aquino and Jurgen Damm totaling 2 goals only so far in four games of the tournament. Certainly, Tigres could use Fernandez’s abilities on the field as he has better numbers than the entire team of Tigres with 3 goals and 2 assist in four games of Clausura 2020.

It is for certain to keep an eye out on Fernandez going forward in the Clausura 2020 and also in the Apertura 2020.