Finally the top 5 teams of the Liga MX run the league standings

Halfway through the Clausura 2020, the league standings are in a particular situation as the high notable club teams run the table with their performances.

After nine weeks of the Clausura 2020, the league standings are starting to paint an ideal picture of the club teams that could reach the Liguilla with no worries, if all goes as planned. But a remarkable situation is currently going on in the tournament that after five years the league standings is being run by four top club teams out of the eight teams that will qualify for the playoffs in the Liga MX which are America, Pumas, Chivas and Cruz Azul which makes the tournament more exciting overall. Yes, we know that Leon is in the circle too with those club teams but It has been years since we have witnessed the gathering of the “Cuarto Grandes”, in high positions since the Clausura 2014.

Jean Meneses (R) of Leon during the 9th round match between FC Juarez and Leon as part of the Torneo Clausura 2020 Liga MX at Olimpico Benito Juarez on March 8, 2020, in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. (Photo by Alvaro Avila/Jam Media/Getty Images)

First and foremost, we do not want to leave Leon out of the picture entirely but since they are within the 5 positions of the standings we will start with them. We know that Leon has a history behind them and surely many can not discredit them but they are in the second place position just a point shy from La Maquina.

After a major comeback beating FC Juarez at as the visiting team with a score of 4-1, that placed La Fiera with a total of 18 points in the league standings. A bounce back after losing to Chivas and LA FC in the past two weeks. It is clear, that Leon should not struggle to dominate throughout the remainder of the tournament and could be a force going into the Liguilla.

America and Pumas had a 3-3 draw on Friday night at the Estadio CU in a game that was a toe to toe battle for both teams that place both teams in a distinctive positions In the league standings. Although It was a draw, America should be given a lot of praise as they are currently missing a vase majority of their starters due to injuries, suspensions and extra situations that do not deal with on-field scenarios.

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With the draw, America is sitting in the fourth place position with 17 points and Pumas is right behind them in fifth place with 15 points. By the looks of It, both teams from Mexico City will surely be tough to beat in the remainder of the Clausura 2020.

Cruz Azul at home beat Tijuana with a 4-1 score that made them the second consecutive time the leader of the tournament. Cruz Azul has their fans in rejoice once again and we know this as well, we have heard this and seen many times that they do wonders in the tournament but once they enter the Liguilla they are a ghost and just vanish.

Hopefully, this time around they do not let their foot off the gas pedal and make history after 20 plus years not lifting a Liga MX trophy and no we are not talking about the Copa MX or the Super Copa MX and even the CONCACAF Champions League trophy.

Chivas finally decided to be the team everyone expected them to be as they beat their cross-town rivals, Atlas in a 2-1 score that placed them in the 5th place position with 15 points. Finally, Luis Fernando Tena’s team is having an identity in the tournament and could make a splash from now onto the final week of the Clausura 2020. With their third consecutive win, El Rebano Sagrado will search for dominance as entering the Liguilla is expecting of them and nothing else.

It is clear that the Clausura 2020 is in good hands right now being run by the four big club teams of the Liga MX and hopefully It stays like that so the games could be more impactful not only for the players but for the fans that have been Itching to see their teams have success.



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