Leave Chicharito Alone

Chicharito made news by not speaking to the media after a 1-0 loss against the Vancouver White Caps.

Unless someone has been living under. rock it’s well-known Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernandez has made his move from Sevilla Spain to Los Angeles U.S.A, and to promote the possible future poster boy of the league he has made a run at late night tv shows and been present in the L.A community events like L.A Lakers games letting his presence be known.

He has seemed very friendly to everyone, but this past weekend he decided to not speak to the press in the post-game press conference after a tough loss where he looked bothered the whole time on the pitch getting adjusted in his first league game.  This is something that made very many pundits and alike very upset.

CARSON, CA – MARCH 7: Javier Hernandez #14 of Los Angeles Galaxy during the Los Angeles Galaxy’s MLS match against Vancouver Whitecaps at the Dignity Health Sports Park on March 7, 2020, in Carson, California. Vancouver Whitecaps won the match 1-0 (Photo by Shaun Clark/Getty Images)

Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernandez currently stands as the highest-paid player in MLS at 6.2 Million, a figure the LA Galaxy weren’t eager to pay at first, so it delayed his transfer. It is a high figure and not only LA Galaxy, but the MLS has a lot riding on this. Javier Chicharito Hernandez is supposed to be the poster child the same way, David Beckham was for the LA Galaxy and the balding one for which we shall not speak of.

On the other hand, fellow Mexican National Carlos Vela LAFC player has only spoken to media twice since training camp and he also chose not to speak that same day Chicharito chose not to speak. Carlos Vela is the league reigning MVP and has scored in 12 consecutive matches. Carlos Vela also makes $4.5 Million a year. rarely speaks to media, but not much is mentioned about this until Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez decided to not speak to mandatory media which is absurd in itself.

The little pea currently leads the Mexico National Team in scoring historically with 52 goals. Yes, he signed a contract obligating him to speak to media in MLS as Carlos Vela also did, but they will take their fine and move on, and a lesson will not be learned. If anybody can get away with this in the league it’s these two players who one can argue run the league in presence and marketability, Nobody is watching MLS games to watch Brad Guzan play at Goalkeeper.

They play in California which consists of a heavily dense Latino population where if the Mexican national Team ever play a friendly or World Cup Qualifying match it’s as if they play on home turf with the support they receive in the stands It’s not just like that there but in other big U.S markets as Chicago, New York, Arizona, and many other stadiums across the U.S. If they build it Latino fans will come. Snatching up Carlos Vela and Javier Hernandez is the smartest thing a Californian club can do to capitalize on that. The LA Galaxy aren’t going to lose out on some untapped market potential because Javier Hernandez failed to speak at a mandatory press conference.

For example, did the NBA lose out on untapped market potential when current Laker star Lebron James failed to speak to media after a tough loss in-game 6 against the Orlando Magic in the 2009 Eastern Conference Finals? That was also the same season he won MVP. NBA Commissioner David Stern fined him $25,000. It was and still is a drop in the bucket for Lebron James who averages currently  $498,512 per game with the Lakers whether he plays or not.

That instance with Lebron just brought more attention to the NBA as this situation is having with the LA Galaxy. The only thing that someone that’s monitoring the situation needs to go by is the fact our website a Liga MX primarily website is making a post about the LA Galaxy and Javier Hernandez’s press conference.

There is no such thing as bad press especially in MLS where the defense is even worse. In short Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernandez is a 31-year-old man who just had a child with his wife and is getting accustomed to all this newfound attention in Hollywood. Making good money playing for a more well known MLS side, enjoying the fruits of his labor, and enjoying the beautiful weather.

It was the first game of the season. Can he live?