Top 3 Mexico National Team players to be quarantined with

Alright listen there not much going on right now with many people under mandatory or voluntary quarantine, but that starts to bring us to the question of which players would you like to be quarantined with from the Mexico National Team?

Are we running out of ideas? Why do some people from Mexico eat rice with bananas? Why didn’t my dad hug me enough? These are important questions we hope to answer this week.

Mexican National Team players are known for partying, having the best jokes, and in general, are fun to be around. Whenever certain players get together on the National Team a good time is on the horizon, except for you Carlos Vela in all denim watching basketball all day. That also goes for you Carlos Salcido who would try to sneak women through the backdoor putting us all in danger Carlos!

Anyways this is a list of the top 3 Mexican players who would be great to quarantine with.

1.) Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernandez.

Other than AMAZON not sending Chicharito things during quarantine it would be a great time. From stories of his fathers to grandfathers successes in club soccer as well as the national team to even his own storied career in Europe. He would give you all the emotions and even recant his goal in the Champions League in 2015 to give Real Madrid the win against Atletico Madrid moving them towards the Quarter Finals which by the way had me sobbing harder than when my dad left.

That and have you seen his kid? His kid looks like an angel and he would probably be able to throw down on some FIFA, and he would put together some great Tortas Ahogadas.

Porto’s Mexican defender Miguel Layun celebrates after scoring a goal during the UEFA Champions League Group G football match AS Monaco FC vs FC Porto on September 26, 2017 at the Louis II stadium in Monaco. / AFP PHOTO / Valery HACHE (Photo credit should read VALERY HACHE/AFP via Getty Images)

2.) Miguel Layun

Imagine quarantine but you make the most of it and you and Miguel Layun can dye your hair together? Then while you wait for your hair to dry you can ask him how it felt to have everything blamed on him by America and America fans alike when he played in Mexico.

From there to the break out year he had with Porto FC in 2015 and what it was like being a regular under Juan Carlos Osorio’s Mexican National Team. Then discussing his Lebanese descent to beating cancer this past year. That and you know Layun could probably drink any on of us under the table.

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3.) Guillermo ‘Memo’ Ochoa

This man is always humble, is quiet, and does his best but you know underneath all of that this man is a total prankster and looks like a good chap to be around. You could throw anything at him and he would probably block it.

He would be a nightmare to try to sneak past in the middle of the night and his kids probably know this first hand. The questions we could ask from ” What happened against Chile” when Mexico took their worst competitive defeat 7-0 in the Copa America? Or why is his agent so bad and kept him out of playing for Napoli in Italy?

Those are our top picks.

Who would you Quarantine with?

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