Liga MX cancels youth team seasons

As the pandemic of the Coronavirus grows rapidly in the country of Mexico, the Liga MX took an immediate stance to discontinue the season for the youth teams. Causing many to wonder if the Clausura 2020 could be next if possible.

The Liga MX made an official statement on Wednesday that for the safety for all the youth club teams they have taken action to cancel all youth team competitions, U-13, U-15, U-17 and U-20 categories. Also, the Liga MX added that once the pandemic fades away a two Cup tournament will be held in Toluca for the U-17 and U-20 categories where the format is not fully finalized but will once the date arrives.

With the cancelation of the youth teams, tournaments the Liga MX made it clear that they would not cancel the Clausura 2020 men’s senior club teams along with the Ascenso MX and the Liga MX Femenil in the meantime and will continue postponed until further notice. This leaves many wondering how long the Liga MX will continue to postpone their league as the Belgium league made it official that they have concluded their tournament naming Club Burges as their champion as they were 15 points ahead of everyone in the league standings as the first place club team.

Sadly, the ripple effect of the COVID-19 continues to impact many leagues worldwide and has taken full effect in the country of Mexico where the numbers keep growing rapidly were about 1,400 people tested positive for the virus, 37 total dead and about 200 people hospitalized due to the virus. It will be a challenge for the country of Mexico to stop the spread of the virus but surely they will overcome it.

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Overall, a true tragic for the young players that are up and coming but with the spread of COVID-19 it was important to take this action in the meantime by the Liga MX.

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