The most underrated player of Liga MX

Before the pause of the Clausura 2020, there was one player that stood out in the tournament that many need to start getting more recognition. Monarcas Morelia has a solid player (Aldo Rocha) in their hands and he will surely make an impact.

Ladies and gentlemen let us introduce the stunning midfielder of Monarcas Morelia, Aldo Rocha of 27 years old who has been under the radar for quite some time in the Liga MX. After making his debut for Leon in the Clausura 2013 under Gustavo Matosas against Pumas, Rocha has picked up a tremendous amount of experience as he was also part of La Fiera’s back to back championships in the Apertura 2013 and Clausura 2014. With only two goals registered under his name with Leon, it was tough to have a starting spot due to the high level of players Leon had during those times.

Players like, Carlos Pena, Chapo Montes, and Gallito Vazquez, made Rocha have less playing time due to the high caliber of all of those players that were in front of him. In Clausura 2017, Rocha was loaned out to Monarcas Morelia, was once again to fight for a starting position with the various coaching changes but managed to stay as relevant as possible and earn a starting spot in the next few tournaments. Rocha, finally made it clear that he was a valuable possession of Morelia as he was awarded the captain armband in the Apertura 2019 under Pablo Guede tactics.

If we move forward to the Clausura 2020, Rocha stature on the field was noted as he has 5 goals scored in 10 games, all as a starter and accumulating a total of 900 minutes playing through the pause of the tournament. Let’s not forget that Rocha plays more of a defensive midfielder role than offensive. That is probably why Gerardo Martino, the current coach of the national team of Mexico has been noted to keep his eyes on Monarcas Morelia as they have been an impressive club team in the Liga MX since the Apertura 2019.

Rocha has the capabilities as a player and could soon be included with Martino roster once the pandemic settles down. Hopefully, his current success lingers for a while in the Liga MX.