Andres Guardado nears a record in Spain

When Andres Guardado‘s name is mentioned, many fans and experts can say that “El Principito” should be labeled as one of the more prestigious players ever to come out from Mexico and it is due to his tenure in his career.

Andres Guardado as many know him as the, ” El Principito”, as translated to Little Prince, is close to hitting a legendary mark in his career that should be respected as he has reached 13 years spent in the European continent playing for various club teams in different leagues. If we rewind time back all the way to 2005 was when Guardado made his debut in the Liga MX with Los Rojinegros de Atlas where it did not take long for his presence to be felt on the field.

Shortly, after making his debut in 2005 in the Liga MX, Guardado was making splendid plays from the left side of the field with his powerful left foot that quickly grasped attention from Ricardo La Volpe who was the current coach of the national team of Mexico that led to being part of the 2006 World Cup at just 19 years of age. Although Guardado did not have much participation in the World Cup it only took 45 minutes to make catch attention by many experts and fans as he played his heart out against Argentina in the tournament.

Since then the now 33-year-old midfielder serves as one of the captains of Mexico and has capped over 400 games winning three Gold Cups, participated in four World Cups, and could possibly serve his fifth one in 2022 World Cup if his health lets him reach the tournament.

Along with his top resume with El Tri, Guardado could have the record for being the most active in the European continent (13 years) as he could more years than Rafael Marquez (13 years), Hector Moreno (11 years), Javier Hernandez (10 years) and the legendary striker Hugo Sanchez (12 years). El Principito has played with Deportivo La Coruña, Valencia, Leverkusen, PSV, and the current Spanish club team, Real Betis where he just signed a contract that will have him in Spain for two more years.

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If it all comes well foe Guardado we could possibly see him play for 15 years in Europe, something very rare that not many players could brag about. But truly Guardado deserves all the praise as he serves as a veteran player for the national team of Mexico and for his current club team, Betis.

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