Chivas players return to get tested

Chivas first division players returned to Verde Valle today Monday the 18 of May to get tested for COVID-19.

Chivas de Guadalajara players returned today to Verde Valle to be tested for COVID-19. After the team’s Twitter account officially announced on Sunday the 17th of May that they would be returning, after making it very clear that they would not be returning to camp.

Being very transparent that they are respecting the league’s rules alongside Liga MX rules, but it is a sight for sore eyes. It has to be made clear though that other Liga MX teams have yet to do this scale of testing at their facilities and this wasn’t a leaguewide issued order. This was just Chivas on their own accord.

It’s encouraging seeing this type of testing on a team scale after leagues as the Bundesliga in Germany just resumed play this past weekend. This is still a serious issue in which decisions this big affecting people’s health should be consulted with doctors before opening. Things as a testing plan, empty stadiums, and players out of shape are just somethings to expect as things get back to “normal”, whatever the new normal will be.

One thing is for sure and that’s that this is a step in the right direction and we could soon see the league make an official decision when and if teams start testing their own players. There have been rumors of a July return but they have just been rumors. Nothing official has been announced by Liga MX as of this moment of an official timeline.

People do have to wonder though when Liga MX comes back if the past tournament is voided? Or if the current league leader Cruz Azul are champions? Or will they combine Clausura and Apertura combining both tournaments for a full calendar year? We will see.

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