Rayados has a replacement for Marcelo Barovero

The veteran goalkeeper of Rayados de Monterrey, Marcelo Barovero could come to an end as the club team plans to move in a different to bring on the team fresh and young players.

The 36-year-old veteran goalkeeper who joined the Liga MX with Necaxa in 2016 could see his final days with his current club team Rayados de Monterrey as they plan to not renew his contract and move forward with other plans for the team. Barovero who then joined Rayados in mid-2018 under Diego Alonso tactics has been a key factor for La Pandilla’s success in the two years guarding the three posts for the team.

Barovero recently spoke with TyC Sports and explained that he knows that Rayados has different plans without him and he did not expect them to arrive that quick. As cruel and maybe unjust as it could appear, at the end of the day the club team has to look at what is in their best interest as on the business side and how they perform on the field.

“In two years with this club many things happened to me together and quickly, truthfully I would not have imagined that everything would happen this way. Surely we will have to get on another train, so we will see what appears on the horizon”

As in who could take Barovero place well its speculation at the moment but it would make perfect sense as the backup goalkeeper of Chivas, Raul Gudiño could be the new starting goalkeeper for Rayados as talks have started to spark interest for the Apertura 2020.

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Gudiño who carries experience at just 24 years of age could just be the ideal fit for Antonio Mohamed team, as the goalkeeper spent the first part of his career in the European continent with FC Porto, União da Madeira and União da Madeira then was brought back to Chivas were his position was never really settled and spent the Clausura 2020 in the bench. With the caliber, Gudiño carries he definitely deserves a starting position and with Rayados it could be the start of something great.

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