Liga MX cancels the Clausura 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a lot of setbacks for the majority of the leagues around the world and finally the Liga MX took the right decision today.

After so many rumors and speculations the Liga MX board declared that Clausura 2020 will be canceled without a champion. Although many thought that Cruz Azul could possibly be awarded as the champion due to being first on the standings the league decided to not crown a team but two teams will continue to the CONCACAF Champions League, which will be Cruz Azul and Leon.

The Liga MX stated the following via through their official twitter site:

The Extraordinary Assembly of the LIGA MX agreed to conclude in advance the Clausura 2020 of the LIGA MX in its men’s and women’s divisions.

In aspects relating to competition, derived from this extraordinary situation, we report the following measures:

1. No Club will be declared champion of the Clausura 2020 Tournament.

2. For the only occasion for calculating the ratio, seeking to complete the missing matches of the Clausura 2020 Tournament, the results obtained by the Clubs in matches with the same conditions, locality, and rival, to be played in the Apertura 2020 or Clausura 2021 will be taken into account, as the case may be.

3-. Regarding the CONCACAF Champions League 2021, the eligible Clubs will be Cruz Azul and León for being in first and second place in the General Classification Table of the Clausura 2020 Tournament at the time of suspension.

The decision came at the right time as a few days ago Club Santos declared that they had eight players who contracted the COVID-19 which caused a lot of frenzy on what would happen next for the tournament. This certainly will allow for players and teams to gather themselves up once again and prepare for the next tournament which will be the Apertura 2020, if all goes as planned.

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Also the Liga MX board made a statement that all teams will be allowed to return to their regular practice times at the start of June to slowly regain their composure for the tournament. As well, in regards to the Apertura 2020 a set date has not been officially announced but it could be mid-July but with no fans in the stadiums to still try to control the virus and not continue to spread.

As unfortunate this came to be for many club teams that it was the correct procedure to make sure that the health of every club team organization is well taken care of. Now we will have to wait a few more months to see live action of the Liga MX in the meantime all we can do is relive highlights of historic games.



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