Pablo Guede is long gone from Monarcas Morelia

A lot of changes have come rapidly to Monarcas Morelia or should we say Delfines de Mazatlan in the last few days as their head coach Pablo Guede will not continue within the club team for the Apertura 2020.

Just as many of us including the coach of the national team of Mexico, Gerardo Martino, who was starting to admire the style of soccer Morelia was displaying on the field we will not be able to see the club team anymore as they were bought out and moved to Mazatlan, Sinaloa as they will become the new identity of a club team in the Liga MX without head coach Pablo Guede.

Sadly in recent events, Pablo Guede made an official statement that he will no longer be on the sidelines of Monarcas Morelia regarding the future situation that will happen to the club team for the upcoming tournament.

“For me, soccer belongs to soccer players. I could tell you this or that. One gives ideas and tries to convince the players of that same one and they try to develop it on the field. The intensity in all aspects, both offensively as well as defensively, it is non-negotiable. Without it, we cannot compete and our group assimilated it. What the Monarcas fans transmit, gives a mystique, which is to run and score. It was spectacular “

This is sad to hear because Guede who took over of the team in the 7th week of the Apertura 2019, quickly made Morelia a contender in the Liga MX where they were a few minutes away from being in the final of the 2019 Liguilla tournament. At the end of the Clausura 2020 before the cancelation of the tournament due to the COVID-19, Monarcas Morelia was in the 9th position with 14 points in total, just one position away from being part of the Liguilla once again. Guede numbers with Morelia were through 32 games were 15 wins, 7 draws, 10 losses with 57 goals in favor, and 47 against.

All together Guede’s time in the Liga MX just started and whatever club team hires him for the Apertura 2020, it will be interesting to follow because the 45-year-old coach could make an impact in Mexico.