Top 3 Chivas players due for a breakout this season

With Clausura 2020 being canceled and everyone gearing up for Apertura 2020 we look at some Chivas faithful who will have breakout seasons.

There are amazing Chivas players, but this list though will represent those players that are seated comfortably in their positions and are going to have a stellar season.

1.) Jose Juan Macias

If there is anyone on this roster that is going to have a breakout season it will be the star-studded Mexican striker that has already been linked to French Clubs and playing in Europe. He has the talent and it’s more of a when than if the situation at this point, with Chivas management already signaling he is meant for more and is comfortable with him leaving (obviously with the right price tag) If his track record says anything, it says he’s ready to make that leap and dominate this 2020 Clausura. Before this past canceled season, he had 9 goals and 2 assists in the 2019 Apertura. This past canceled season in 8 games played and in 7 started he had 4 goals with only one big opportunity missed.

 2.) Fernando Beltran

Ever since the final of the Concacaf Champions League final against Toronto in 2018 under previous Chivas coach Matias Almeyda, one thing was evident and that was the job that Fernando Beltran did going forward as a threat on the counter. He was finding space and marking Bob Bradley with no issues. Since Almeyda left his progress has still been great but rocky under some not so great coaching decisions Chivas have done as Jose Cardozo. That has not stopped him as he has progressed into a permanent starter under any coach and especially under Fernando Tena. This up and coming season he will do well no matter what Chivas record is, but he will lead the midfield and most likely be on the Liga MX Team of the Season. The stats might not show it but he brings a lot to the table as a box to box midfielder.

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3.) Cristian ‘Chicote’ Calderon

This player is one of the most gifted players in Liga MX going forward and he can defend. Making him one of the best Left backs in soccer in Liga MX. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to earn Chivas coach Fernando Tena’s trust in time before the season got canceled. It felt like right before the season ended he was starting to get comfortable at Guadalajara. He lit things up in Necaxa and has various clubs vying for him. Luckily for Chivas, he was able to sign due to the new Chivas sporting director Ricardo Pelaez. This will be one of his best seasons and he will be utilized in a number of ways.

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