Xolos de Tijuana announce a plethora of talented signings.

Xolos on Wednesday the 17th of June announced the signing of some big-name players.

In a move, we rarely see Xolos de Tijuana do, they announced on their Twitter the signing of 10 players, almost a starting roster of players that will shape the club immensely moving forward. Players the likes of Marcel Ruiz, Clifford Aboagye, Jaime Valencia, Jordi Cortizo, Jorge Luis Miranda, Paolo Yrizar, Benny Jauregui, Areli Huerta, Gerson Romario Ogara, and Jose ‘Tin’ Angulo.

That was a mouthful, but Xolos caught everyone off guard with this acquisition of talent. A good majority of these players are on their way from Queretaro who was just bought from the same owner who owns Club Atlante in second division and management of Atlante has since taken over in Queretaro. That same Atlante management team could have played a big role in a lot of these players leaving Queretaro, and only adds fuel to the fire that was the speculation of Queretaro leaving the city and relocating back to Mexico City where the club originally played up until 2007.

These aren’t just no-name players either, this might just be the best signings of the offseason for any team in Liga MX. From Attacking Midfielder Marcel Ruiz who is very well regarded around the league that started10 games this past Clausura and scored 2 goals, he also averaged 1.4 Interceptions per game. Also, talented Ghana player Clifford Aboagye is quick going forward on the counter and tracks back to help on defense. Then there’s the like of European talent as Jose Enrique Angulo who previously played for Serie A side Independente D.V.

Jaime Valencia, Jordi Cortizo, Jorge Luis Miranda, Paolo Yrizar, Benny Jauregui, Areli Huerta, and Gerson Romario Ogara make up the remaining players that also transferred. All talented players and certain players as Paolo Yrizar and Jordi Cortizo could make immediate impacts in the club being youth Mexico Nationales.

Does this make Xolos a contender for the Apertura 2020? One thing is for sure and that’s the fact Xolos have nowhere but up to go.