The reason why Alfredo Talavera is not leaving Toluca.

The Apertura 2020 is less than a month away and Xolos have made big changes to their roster throughout the week that has officially made them one of the contenders to win the Apertura 2020.

Xolos have recently made dramatic changes to their roster by bringing various new players for the upcoming Apertura 2020 tournament in the Liga MX and one of the most talked-about trades was between the goalkeepers Gibran Lajud and Alfredo Talavera of Toluca that was almost for certain but it died down very soon.

Although the trade did not make total sense in a way as Lajud has been the standout goalkeeper of Xolos for various tournaments although at times having a few errors and Talavera being a veteran goalkeeper of Toluca it was sure to make Xolos a top contender team in the Liga MX if “Tala” would have been part of the roster.

But in recent hours it was stated that the trade did not fully go through as Alfredo Talavera’s salary of pay was not met by Xolos that caused a different direction for both teams. Alfredo Talavera’s salary is one of the top 3 paid players of Toluca on what probably makes sense on why Xolos could not pay the veteran goalkeeper the amount that he is asking.

As of now, Talavera will stay put with Toluca for the 11th consecutive year of the 37-year-old goalkeeper career in the Liga MX. In the meantime, Xolos is currently in talks to bring the Aguilas America backup goalkeeper Oscar Jimenez who demonstrated confidence in the goalkeeper position prior to the return of Guillermo Ochoa in the Apertura 2019.

With the pursue and push that Xolos is demanding to bring a new goalkeeper it definitely means that they want two goalkeepers to compete to bring the best out of them to make sure the team has a solid goalkeeper on the field. In the upcoming days, it will be important to focus on Xolos as they continue to bring aboard more players as well as make the official announcement of their new coach who could be Pablo Guede, ex-coach of Monarcas Morelia who turned the team relevant in less than a year.