Jonathan Orozco is now a Xolo goalkeeper.

Xolos continues to be the team to make big changes in their roster as they bring a new goalkeeper for the Apertura 2020 that could be an important role player for the team.

TIJUANA, MEXICO – JANUARY 10: Jonathan Orozco of Santos laments during the 1st round match between Tijuana and Santos Lagunas as part of the Torneo Clausura 2020 Liga MX at Caliente Stadium on January 10, 2020 in Tijuana, Mexico. (Photo by Fausto Vargas/Jam Media/Getty Images)

Since 2005, Jonathan Orozco has been one of the top goalkeepers in the Liga MX who has played with two top teams in Mexico so far, starting with Rayados de Monterrey from 2005-2016 having played over 350 games, receiving 450 goals and having 102 clean sheets and most recently with Santos Laguna since 2017, played over 126 games, with an overall stat of 169 goals against and close up to 25 clean sheets for the Laguneros. The 34-year-old national player of Mexico is close to a new setting. That new setting will be Tijuana for a three-year contract and a one year option to make it a four-year contract.

Record Mexico said on Twitter: “Xolo coach Pablo Guede was excited for the team he has in Xolos and confirmed the signing of Santos keeper Jonathan Orozco.”

If indeed, Jonathan Orozco is brought onto Xolos for the upcoming tournament it will be the 11th addition to the team in less than a month, along with two other players that will be new assets for the club team, Eryc Castillo will make a return to Xolos and the steady strong forward Ariel Nahuelpan will be the overall 13th player for Guede roster for the Apertura 2020.

All of these confirmations of the three players listed were mentioned by the new head coach, Pablo Guede who will coach his second team in Mexico after making the disabled historic team Monarcas Morelia a competitive team in less than a year. Liga MX on their twitter page @LigaBBVAMX presented the new coach to Xolos de Tijuana.

Pablo Guede who was recently presented as the new coach for Xolos will surely have a lot of pieces to move around to make the Baja California team as competitive as possible throughout the Apertura 2020. Regardless, with all the new additions to the team, Xolos are easily one of the contenders of the upcoming tournament and it will be exciting to keep tabs on the team.