Mexico doesn’t close the doors on Luka Romero

The young wonder kid that has caught a lot of attention in the last few days after making a record-breaking debut in Spain against Real Madrid.

At 15 years of age, Luka Romero the wonder kid midfielder made his professional debut in La Liga this past Wednesday, entering the field at the 83rd minute when RCD Mallorca lost 2-0 to Real Madrid to be pronounced the youngest player ever to make a debut in the La Liga after 90 years being held by Francisco Bao Rodriguez who stepped on the field for Celta de Vigo in 1939 at also 15 years of age with 255 days old.

Regardless, of the historic debut of Romero, a lot of attention has been stirred towards the midfielder as the “Mexican Messi”, has been talked about in Mexico if he could possibly ever step on the field representing the colors for the national team of Mexico.

Romero, who was born in Durango, Mexico on November 18, 2004, has represented Argentina in the youth system but has yet made any official statement if whether he would open his opportunities to the national team of Mexico. Romero’s opportunity to play with Argentina is due to his father, Diego Adrian Romero, who was a professional soccer player from Argentina playing in the third division in Mexico, Alacranes when “Mexican Messi” was born in 2004.

Although being dubbed the Mexican Messi at just shortage due to similarities of Leonel Messi, Romero will soon have the opportunity to choose which side he would like to defend the national colors and it seems like a stretch due to the limited time he spent in Mexico and now playing under Argentina currently.

Gerardo Torrado recently stated in an interview with TUDN, that they are keeping a close eye on Romero and would not close the opportunity if in the near future the midfielder would like to play for El Tri.

“We have a follow-up of all those players who can play for various teams. To say that they may already be candidates for the senior team, we must take it very calmly and we must accompany them in the process so that they continue to develop and become part of the team.”

So let’s keep a close eye on this Mexican Messi!