Hirving Lozano clinches win for Napoli.

Hirving Lozano has had an up and down year after joining Italian club Napoli, but he’s doing the most with what time he is being allotted by Napoli coach Gattuso.

Hirving Lozano’s time in Napoli has been a little bit of everything. Now under coach Gennaro Gattuso his time at Napoli has been turbulent but he’s showing signs of life on the bench as he has now scored in his last two matches and that’s without starting either. On Wednesday the 8th of July 8, 2020, Hirving Lozano came off the bench in the second half and made a beautiful run after being utilized on the wing for once as he was substituted in for winger Matteo Politano in the 63rd minute of the game.

Hirving Lozano cut into the defense running and was granted a beautiful ball by Fabian Ruiz. Which sent the defense flying to the second post before Lozano got a touch on the ball while in the box, that’s when Lozano changed feet and shot it with his left foot powerfully then it ricocheted past Genoa’s goalkeeper to make the score 2-1. Napoli would go onto win with the same score-line, Hirving ‘Chucky’ Lozano’s goal being the difference.

Napoli sits in 6th place and is tied with Roma on points, but Roma has a better goal differential with 9 when compared to Napoli’s 5. These points are vital and just reconfirm the fact that is Napoli wants to be successful they have to utilize the crafty winger Hirving Lozano is. Napoli coach Gattuso has even stated that the need to play him more due to his speed. The only thing that always gets failed to mention Is that he should play his natural winger position and not a 9 or all-out striker. It limits Hirving Lozano’s speed and creativity when he is tethered to a position that is closely guarded by very physical Serie A center backs.

Napoli escape with a victory due to ‘Chucky’ Lozano, and with his confidence rising we will see more and more of Hirving, and if we don’t then that just confirms Gennaro Gattuso has something against him.

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