Cruz Azul sign Jose ‘Shaggy’ Martinez

The Apertura 2020 is just a few weeks away to began and Cruz Azul is suited to be one of the top contender teams of the tournament after bringing a new addition to the roster.

Cruz Azul in an amusing way found the perfect time to capture their fan’s attention on the surprising player they have in addition to the upcoming tournament in the Liga MX, the Apertura 2020. Leaving it in suspense many fans guess who would be the addition to La Maquina and it was none other then Jose ‘Shaggy’ Martinez, Shaggy famously known as the cartoon character from the popular Hanna Barbera cartoon series Scoobie Doo.

Regardless of Shaggy appearance, his presence on the field is strong and for the most part, will be a great addition to coach Robert Dante Siboldi for the Apertura 2020 and the Clausura 2020. Martinez’s contract will be for one year due to his age (33) and in hopes to continue his mark with La Maquina as they are known as one of the top teams throughout the Liga MX history regardless of the years of drought.

As shocking as it was to many, it came in perfect time as the disappearance of the historic team Monarcos Morelia would not continue as they are known now as Mazatlan FC, Shaggy was free agent due to negotiations fell through to move along with the new team in the Liga MX and so Shaggy was left teamless in the last few months.

Martinez, a liable player holds a prestigious amount of experience as in the last year Shaggy had 85% of precision passes, about 11 opportunities created and most importantly recovering an average per game, yes per game, five balls as an outside midfielder. So definitely we all know that Martinez could be a key player in the starting 11 for the Siboldi team, it’s only a matter of time if the team has the capacity to lift a trophy after long years of disappointment.