FC Juarez Guardianes Preview

With Liga MX about to commence, it is time to preview some of the clubs that are looking to surprise in Guardianes 2020.

The team we will be looking at today is FC Juarez. Juarez is looking to continue the great form they had before the sudden cancellation of the Clausura 2020. In this preview, we will look at the additions and departures of the team. We will also predict the season and highlight a storyline that will determine the success of the team.



Felipe Lopez (Leones Negros)

Hedgardo Marin (Mineros)

Victor Manon (Mineros)

Jesus Zavala (Puebla)

Luis Hernandez (Toluca)

Francisco Contreras (Dorados)

Eryc Castillo (Santos)

Alan Mendoza (Celaya)

Carlos Rosel (Celaya)

In contrast to much of Liga MX Juarez made plenty of acquisitions in this transfer period. Many of the additions aren’t what people would consider “bomba” signings. Nonetheless, if you inspect further who Juarez brought in it is clear to see they had a philosophy behind every loan and purchase they made. Juarez went into this transfer market with the mentality of the San Antonio Spurs.

They made smart, low-risk high ceiling moves. If the players excel then its the bargain but if the player is a flop then you take your losses and move on. Juarez brought in a collection of young promising Mexican players and players with substantive Liga MX experience. Only time will tell if this strategy will pay off for Los Bravos.



Manuel Viniegra

Edy Brambila

Alberto Acosta

Jonathan Lacerda

Israel Jimenez

Eder Borelli

Leandro Carrijo

Angelo Sagal

Gael Sandoval

The departures for Juarez saw them cut themselves off from club legends, players who didn’t simply find their role in Juarez, and players who were brought in when Juarez was still fighting in the Ascenso. The main departures for followers of the club are Eder Borelli and Leandro Carrijo. These players have been at the club since the creation of the club in 2015.

Angelo Sagal and Gael Sandoval never found their form in Juarez and in the case of Sagal Juarez prefer to have an international spot open for other players. When comparing the additions and departures list it is clear that Juarez got younger and is placing their faith in young Mexicans with high potential while also keeping together the core from last season.


Season Prediction

Jornada 1 Atletico San Luis – WIN

Jornada 2 Necaxa- WIN

Jornada 3 Pumas – DRAW

Jornada 4 Chivas – LOSS

Jornada 5 Cruz Azul- LOSS

Jornada 6 Leon – LOSS

Jornada 7 Monterrey- DRAW

Jornada 8 – Santos- DRAW

Jornada 9 Toluca- WIN

Jornada 10 Puebla- WIN

Jornada 11 Tijuana- LOSS

Jornada 12 Atlas- WIN

Jornada 13 Pachuca – WIN

Jornada 14 Mazatlan – WIN

Jornada 15 Tigres – LOSS

Jornada 16 Queretaro – DRAW

Jornada 17 America – DRAW

FC Juarez faces their toughest stretch in the month of August facing Pumas, Chivas, Cruz Azul, Leon, and Monterrey in consecutive weeks. If they can get two wins in that month the rest of the season should be manageable. Having that tough stretch game early in the season will allow Juarez to be in form by the month of September and October when the schedules get more relaxed for Los Bravos. Juarez will look to contend to be in the 5-12 spots. If they can get through August healthy and dominate September and October then look for Juarez to be a dark horse candidate in Guardianes 2020.



The main storyline for Juarez right now is Diego Rolan. If Rolan does stay with Los Bravos then they become the same type of dark horse candidate they were last year. If Rolan does not come back then Juarez may be looking at a long season. The preseason games of the Copa Telcel showed us that Dario Lezcano needs a partner in the attacking third and so far the only player who has shown themselves as capable is Diego Rolan. Rolan’s absence would be a big loss for Juarez and it may be a story that hangs over the team for the whole season if he does not come back to the Frontera.

Look for FC Juarez to be fighting for the 5-12 spots in the Guardianes 2020. If Rolan comes back and Juarez survives the month of August then it is more than likely that Juarez will be fighting that 5-8 range. My prediction for Juarez is for them to get to the play in tournament and advance and then lose to one of the teams that landed in the 1-4 spot.


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