Chivas have 3 test positive for COVID-19

We are mere days away from the new start of the Liga MX season, but more and more organizations are revealing positive COVID-19 results before the start of the new tournament, as Chivas.

Liga MX released a statement today saying

The LIGA MX and the Club Guadalajara report:

The Club, according to the protocol, carried out 52 COVID-19 detection tests on players, coaching staff, and first-team staff, prior to starting their participation in the Guard1anes 2020 Tournament of the LIGA BBVA MX.

The results showed three positive and asymptomatic cases.

The statement doesn’t give much to decode. Whether it’s players or training staff. There was though concern that the Copa pro-Mexico tournament may have done more harm than good due to when Chivas de Guadalajara played newly founded team Mazatlan F.C. Mazatlan had people that tested positive for COVID-19 right before the game against Chivas (they obviously were put into immediate quarantine, and separated from the team).

The results were Chivas coach Luis Fernando Tena testing positive for COVID-19 after that game was played. Making Tena miss the semi-finals game against America and began quarantine until he tested negative on two tests within a 48 hour period, which hasn’t been confirmed that he has yet.

El Rebano Sagrado takes on Leon for their season opener of Guard1anes 2020. Which is named that due to Liga MX paying homage to all the frontline healthcare workers that have been putting their lives on the line fighting COVID-19.

All eyes will be on Jose Macias taking on his former team Leon. It will be interesting to see how things develop moving forward with COVID-19 this season and how it will change results with maybe key players and coaches being absent on the pitch due to positive COVID-19 results.

Hopefully, they took notes from the Copa por Mexico helping players limit exposure, as traveling on the same day of matches, rounds of tests after each performance, and isolating positive cases with close monitoring. Only time will tell.