Raul Jimenez and Wolves finish 7th

After an almost fairy tale season, Raul Jimenez and company finish 7th, a far cry from the ambitions they had a couple of weeks ago of a top 5 finish, but they did decent this season.

Chelsea beat Wolves 2-0 and cemented their place for Champions League finishing 4th. Wolves looked tired, overran and the least explosive they have all season. It seems the long season and interruption of play stretching the season out longer than usual had taken a toll on them.

Never the less, Wolves exceeded this season and although they pushed for a top 5 finish they still have Europa League to play this up and coming month when they face Olympiakos in the second leg of the round of 16 play. The first leg played in Greece ended 1-1 with the advantage of going towards Wolves for their away goal. The winner of the Europa League also gets an automatic bid into Champions League play so Wolves have something vital to still play for. Also, if Chelsea beat Arsenal for the FA Cup next Saturday the 1st of August then Wolves get into Champions League play.

Raul Jimenez had the season many fans have been waiting years for him to have since he joined Atletico Madrid in 2014. The 29-year-old now has been in Europe for 6 years almost and with rumors of bigger Premier League teams as Manchester United and even bigger international clubs as Juventus interested in the Mexican striker, he has to in a way feel he finally has arrived.

Raul Jimenez contributed to this Wolves side with 17 goals and 6 assists. Making an amazing duo with Spanish international Adama Traore, they both showed out this season. Here’s to hoping that duo can stay together through the transfer window.

Raul Jimenez has shown how versatile he is playing in such a talented offense, whether it be on the counter handing out assists or making beautiful runs into the area to make finishing seem so easy. The Mexican striker looks to translate this amazing play to Europa League and even more importantly the Mexican National Team. Hopefully, it translates this time.