América routes Atlas 5-1


According to accounts from Sofascore América won the match 5-1 over Atlas. It was actually highly contested for a long stretch before it got out of hand.

Atlas scored the first goal. Believe it or not they had the lead in a game they lost by 4 goals. E. Aguirre scored in minute seven of the match. Play would continue at 1-0 Atlas for some time.

In minute 31 J. Quiñones would hit one into the net for Club América. That would tie the score at one.

In stoppage time of half number one A. Santamaría would commit a red card earning foul. That would setup the following penalty kick goal and eventually cause the scene that would create three more goals. H. Martin made the subsequent penalty shot before half.

Halftime would give the teams time to reset. For América that meant getting pumped up and trying to score more. For Atlas they would try to salvage a tie somehow after going down 2-1 and going down to ten players on the field.

The next two goals would be scored by A. Zendejas of Club América. He would score in minutes 76 and 82. It is rare that a team would have one player score twice within ten minutes! It was quite a scene.

The scoring would not be done until H. Martin put across another goal. This time he scored in minute 86.

This match ended up being very uneven. Not only was the score 5-1 but the shots were 25-6. The cards were limited to just two; there was a red and a yellow both on Atlas.