André Jardine in line to be the next Mexico manager?

Reports suggest that Jaime Lozano's job hangs in the balance, depending on Copa América outcome.
America v Cruz Azul - Final Torneo Clausura 2024 Liga MX
America v Cruz Azul - Final Torneo Clausura 2024 Liga MX / Manuel Velasquez/GettyImages

According to Diario Report and Carlos Ponce de León, the Mexican national team could experience a significant change in leadership if they fail to qualify for the quarterfinals of this summer's Copa América. As it stands, El Tri must secure a victory against Ecuador to join Venezuela in the next round of the competition.

If they fail to win on Sunday evening, many suggest that current manager Jaime Lozano will be out of the door as the national team searches for a successor.

Whilst discussing a potential replacement, reports suggest that Club América manager André Jardine is likely to be offered the position. The Brazilian has turned Las Águilas into serial winners, claiming both the Apertura and Clausura titles during the 2023/24 campaign.

Since taking over at the Estadio Azteca 12 months ago, the manager has a win percentage of 57%, winning 33 of the 58 games managed so far. Prior to his move to Mexico City, the 44-year-old managed the Brazilian under-23s as they went on to win the 2020 Olympic gold medal in Tokyo.

Jardine's Style of Play

Under André Jardine, Club América employs a high-pressing strategy designed to pressure opponents into making mistakes. Jardine's teams are well-organised defensively and prioritise structure over ball possession. Rather than focusing on dominating possession, Jardine's approach involves allowing the opposition to control the ball in less threatening areas of the pitch. This tactic creates a false sense of security for the opponents, who are then vulnerable to quick, decisive pressing from Jardine's players.

América's pressing is intense and coordinated, with players quickly closing down spaces and forcing turnovers in advanced positions. This approach disrupts the opposition's rhythm and creates opportunities for quick counter-attacks. Jardine's emphasis on defensive discipline ensures that his team is always ready to capitalise on any errors made by their opponents.

Additionally, Jardine's style is marked by a strong work ethic and tactical intelligence. His players are drilled to maintain their positions and execute the press effectively, making América a difficult team to break down. This high-energy, aggressive approach has made Jardine's América a formidable opponent, capable of turning defence into attack in an instant and punishing teams that fail to withstand their relentless pressure.

Will André Jardine become the next manager of El Trí, let us know what you think!