Atlas Clausura 2024 Rewind

Atlas went through trials this year in a tough season of the Clausura.
Atlas v Chivas - Torneo Clausura 2024 Liga MX
Atlas v Chivas - Torneo Clausura 2024 Liga MX / Jam Media/GettyImages

Atlas finished in seventeenth place in both the 2023-24 Apertura and Clausura per Sofa Score.

Jalisco Stadium in Guadalajara houses 56,713. None of them wanted this; well, except maybe those Chivas fans that like to attend Atlas games and boo. Atlas had a poor showing in each of the two 2023-24 campaigns. This comes after finishing ninth and losing in the Clausura quarterfinals in 2022-23.

Benjamin Mora
Santos Laguna v Atlas - Torneo Apertura 2023 Liga MX / Manuel Guadarrama/GettyImages

Their coaching could be to blame for some of this inferiority. The last coach had more success. Benjamín Mora coached from October 6, 2022 to October 30, 2023; he was the last coach that led Atlas to the playoffs. He landed a new gig up north in June 2024. He now leads York United FC of the Canadian Premier League.

Beñat San José
Tigres UANL v Atlas - Torneo Clausura 2024 Liga MX / Azael Rodriguez/GettyImages

The current man in charge is Beñat San José. Since November 24, 2023 he has tried to send Atlas to wins. Quite often he has failed. His team has not seen the playoffs let alone won in them.

The stats show that their differential was not the biggest problem. They were not that good at offense or defense. Their goals for total put them at fourth worst in the Clausura of 2024. Their goals against were also fourth worst in rank.

Their Clausura stats were bad. Their Apertura stats also show something. In the Apertura, Atlas had a minus ten goal differential. In that, they were tied with Juárez and just ahead of Pachuca and Querétero. Being ahead does not say that much considering it was only by one goal.

Atlas had a poor showing this past year but will it change? The coach is the same, the fans are the same, and Jalisco Stadium is the same. Hopefully player movement will help out. Whether it is adding or subtracting players that works, something has to help improve this team.