Cancún Crowned Liga de Expansión MX Champions

The second-tier Mexican soccer league has their new winner in Cancún FC
Resumen y goles | Cancún 3-0 Atlante | Gran Final- Liga de Expansión | TUDN
Resumen y goles | Cancún 3-0 Atlante | Gran Final- Liga de Expansión | TUDN / TUDN-USA

Liga de Expansión MX Clausura went through Mérida this Clausura.

The regular campaign Clausura 2024 champions were Mérida per Soccerway. Then, Cancún FC went on to win the 2023-24 tournament finals. That run came down to penalty kicks.

Cancún finished the regular season in a four way tie for fourth place. They had twenty two points in fourteen matches. They entered the playoffs as the six seed in the tournament.

Cancún went on to finish the Clausura tournament by losing to Atlante in the quarterfinals of the playoffs. So how did they end up as champions if they were knocked out? They actually won the entire Apertura.

Wen the Apertura season ended Cancún went into that tournament. They were entering that one as the first ranked team. They went through the tournament and made the finals. They won against Atlante in the finals. See a pattern yet?

Atlante would later matchup against them for a third and final aggregate playoff match for the 2023-24 season. That would crown a joint champion for the whole year. That set would be won by Cancún FC over Atlante 1(3)-1(1).

The aggregate match saw two ties. The first draw was 1-1 and the second went down 0-0.

That championship did not partake in normal aggregate away goal tiebreaker rules. The title came down to penalty kicks. Those kicks were won three to one by Cancún. They were crowned champions of Liga MX Expansión.

The relegation and promotion system of Mexican soccer is still on hold. So while that is the case there will be no promotion to Liga MX for Cancún FC. Do they have the finances for a it? If they do, it is possible that this could be another step towards returning to that relegation and promotion system.