Chiapas Fútbol Club Returns to Play in 2024-25

Liga de Expansión MX will add Chiapas to its teams for the 2024-25 campaign
🚨¡OFICIAL!🚨Jaguares de Chiapas jugara la Liga de Expansión Mx 🐆🟠⚫️
🚨¡OFICIAL!🚨Jaguares de Chiapas jugara la Liga de Expansión Mx 🐆🟠⚫️ / JP Fútbol

Liga MX will have a new team in their second division per Futbol Total.

That new team will be a friendly face and familiar foe with many. Chiapas Fútbol Club returns to play in 2024-25. They

"Jaguares de Chiapas está de regreso, aunque en la Liga de Expansión MX, con los hermanos José Luis y Gabriel Orantes, mediante la franquicia de Cimarrones. Los ‘nuevos’ Jaguares jugarán en el Víctor Manuel Reyna, cuya cancha ya está en remodelación"

Mac Reséndiz, ESPN

So basically, ESPN has reported that Jaguares de Chiapas will return. They will not play on the top division in Mexico Liga MX however. They will play in the second division this Apertura upon return. This should be an exciting add for Liga de Expansión MX; a sixteenth team should really help with competition.

Top expansión teams like Mérida and Atlante should welcome the new competition. However, struggling teams like Dorados and Tlaxcala may not be so infatuated with the idea of a new team; a new team might overtake them; a new team doing better than them in the division might make them look bad.

It stands to reason that they might not look as good as say their 2014-15 Apertura run. That season Chiapas was able to contend as they were in fifth place and just one whole win out of first place. They would also contend in the 2015-16 Apertura after an unsuccessful 2014-15 Clausura.

The team would go on to compete in Liga MX through their relegation after 2016-17. The club would disband into hiatus rather than relegate to the Liga de Expansión MX.

Finances is one big concern in all of the Liga MX system in Mexico. A second big concern is that teams come and go beyond what it expected. It is hard to follow a league when you cannot count on following just one favorite team. How do you know your favorite team will exist to play next year? Veracruz is not around. Now the Jaguares de Chiapas do not have to make that same claim.