CONCACAF Nations League Preview Mexico


Mexico enters February preparing for a Semifinal CONCACAF Nations League match versus Panama.

According to a description from ESPN, a very unsettling 2-2 aggregate match duo ended in penalties. The kicking competition ended with a 4-2 Mexican victory.

Mexico sends home Honduras and moves on to face Panama. The round winner will move to the finals of the CONCACAF Nations League. The winner will face the winner of the match between Jamaica and the United States. Should we be lucky enough to see the somewhat expected matchup of Mexico versus the United States?

Wat else lies ahead for Team Mexico? No more matches are on the slate until June. Then it gets rather busy for an international team. The month begins with two friendly matches; the nation's best will face Uruguay and Brazil.

Later in June El Tri will face stuff competition in another tournament. They will face the group stage of Copa América. Mexico faces a group of Venezuela, Ecuador and possible Nations League finalist opponent Jamaica. How will this set of matches go? Will Mexico be able to pass far ahead into this tournament as well?