Edson Álvarez's Injury: Impact on Mexico's Copa América Campaign

The Mexican captain was stretchered off the pitch in the 28' minute against Jamaica.
Mexico v Jamaica - CONMEBOL Copa America USA 2024
Mexico v Jamaica - CONMEBOL Copa America USA 2024 / Hector Vivas/GettyImages

In a significant blow to Mexico's Copa América aspirations, Edson Álvarez, one of the team's key players and captain, has sustained a hamstring injury that will sideline him for an extended period. According to reports from ESPN and AS, Álvarez will be out for at least four weeks, raising concerns about his availability for the remainder of the tournament.

The Injury Details

Álvarez sustained the injury during Mexico's opening match of Copa América 2024, a 1-0 victory against Jamaica. The hamstring injury has been confirmed to require a substantial recovery period, ruling him out of the remainder of the Copa América as he turns to focus on the 2024/25 Premier League campaign with West Ham United.

Álvarez's Role in the Team

Edson Álvarez has been instrumental in Mexico's midfield, known for his defensive prowess and ability to transition play effectively. His absence leaves a void that will be challenging to fill. Álvarez's versatility, allowing him to play both as a defensive midfielder and a central defender, has been key for manager Jaime Lozano's approach since taking over the position in June 2023.

"Unfortunately, my time in the Copa América has ended. I'm at a loss for words, but I will use this experience to grow and learn. I've decided to stay with the team and offer my support."

Edson Álvarez, Selección National, X

Impact on Mexico's Copa América Campaign

The injury comes at a crucial time as Mexico prepares for the remainder of Copa América, a tournament where they aim to at the very least make it out of the group stage. Without Álvarez, the team will need to rely on alternative strategies and players to fill his role. According to Chapter 9 of the Copa América regulations, no national team can change players due to injury once the tournament has started. This means that coach Jaime Lozano cannot bring in new names for the squad, adding further challenges to their campaign.

Possible Replacements

Several players could step up in Álvarez's absence. Potential replacements include Luis Romo, Carlos Rodríguez, and Érick Sánchez, all of whom can fill the gap left by Álvarez. Introducing Sánchez would require Orbelín Pineda to drop deeper in the midfield. Each of these players brings unique strengths to the team, and their performances will be crucial in maintaining Mexico's competitive edge in the tournament.

Looking Ahead

While the timeline for Álvarez's return is set at up to four weeks, his recovery will be closely monitored. The Mexican national team and fans alike will be hoping for a speedy and complete recovery to bolster their squad's chances in the later stages of the tournament.


Edson Álvarez's injury is undoubtedly a setback for Mexico's Copa América campaign. However, it also presents an opportunity for other players like Luis Romo, Carlos Rodríguez, and Érick Sánchez to step up and showcase their abilities. As the team adapts to this challenge, fans will remain hopeful for a strong performance in the tournament, eagerly awaiting Álvarez's return to full fitness.

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