Former Pumas Player Takes a Dig at Mexican Football

Eduardo Salvio takes dig at Liga MX as he reflects on his time with Pumas UNAM
Quertaro v Pumas UNAM - Torneo Clausura 2024 Liga MX
Quertaro v Pumas UNAM - Torneo Clausura 2024 Liga MX / Hector Vivas/GettyImages

In a recent interview, Eduardo Salvio, who previously played for Pumas UNAM in Liga MX, made headlines with his candid comparison between Mexican football and the Argentine league. Salvio expressed his belief that Liga MX lacks the allure and excitement of its Argentine counterpart, sparking debate among fans and analysts.

Salvio, who now is a free agent but formerly played for Boca Juniors and Lanús did not hold back in his assessment. "The Argentine league is much more attractive than the Mexican league," he stated. "The passion, the intensity, and the quality of football in Argentina are on a different level."

The Argentine winger has played at the highest level. Spending nine years in Europe, he played for Atlético Madrid and Benfica, before wearing the blue and gold of Pumas. The 33-year-old also represented his nation nine times, including his inclusion for the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

His comments have resonated strongly within the football community, particularly among Mexican fans who are proud of Liga MX's growing reputation and competitive nature. Some have taken offence, while others see it as a call to elevate the standard of Mexican football even further.

During his time at Pumas, Salvio was known for his skill and contributions on the pitch, but his recent remarks suggest that he found the overall experience less fulfilling compared to his stints in Argentina. "Playing in Mexico was a good experience, but it doesn't compare to the environment you find in Argentina," he added.

The reaction to Salvio's comments has been mixed, with some agreeing that there are areas where Liga MX can improve, while others feel that his comparison doesn't take into account the unique qualities and challenges of Mexican football.

As the debate continues, one thing is clear: Eduardo Salvio's words have reignited discussions about the strengths and weaknesses of football leagues across the Americas, reminding fans and players alike of the diverse and passionate nature of the sport.