Liga de Expansión Clausura 2024 Update

Liga de Desarrollo with current champion Cancún and standings leader Mérida compile a competitive second division.
Morelia v La Paz - Torneo Apertura 2023 Liga Expansion MX 2023
Morelia v La Paz - Torneo Apertura 2023 Liga Expansion MX 2023 / Jam Media/GettyImages

On Soccer24 it is detailed that Mérida has the early Clausura 2024 lead in Liga Expansión.

Mérida has played five times while in all each team has played at least three matches. Behind them come Celaya. Right after that is third place La Paz and Alebrijes.

There are fifteen teams in the Expansión. This differs from the eighteen teams that makeup the Liga MX premier division. This is due to a couple of factors but most notably from a few teams dropping out over the years due to financial troubles. Don't worry though occasionally these crumbles teams get bought and resurrected.

Sitting at the bottom of the league right now is Morelia. Cimarrones de Sonora also does not have a win so they sit just above them. Tapatío and Correcaminos UAT round out the cellar.

Mérida and Celaya have scored the most at thirteenth and ten goals respectively. The least has been scored by several teams with three goals: Leones Negros, Tlaxcala, Atlanta, Morelia and Correcaminos UAT.

What's next in this world of excitement? The league continues action February seventh with two more matches. La Paz will take on Atlante. The other match will be Cimarrones de Sonora vs Tapatío. Will Atlante rise to their prowess of their third place form from the Apertura? What goals will score in the Cimarrones de Sonora against Tapatío match? This and more as action continues to rumble in the Liga Expansión.