Liga MX Power Rankings Matchday 7

Who shows the power in dominating opponents?
Liga BBVA MX / Manuel Velasquez/GettyImages

Here are some way too early rankings, mostly based on record, as seen at the ESPN table.

18. Juárez - Estadio Olímpico Benito Juárez better sell some concert tickets because this team blows. However, this isn't the final whistle.

17. Puebla - So far Puebla is the biggest disappointment of the Clausura. And the second biggest disappointment just fired their coach. Regardless of if that has any bearing on this team, they have to right their own shop. Whether changes are necessary remains to be seen but play needs to improve.

16. Santos Laguna - This disappointment just fired their coach earlier in the week. Will a change like that work out? Can they rebound and hit the final series or final series play-offs again?

15. Mazatlán - Mazatlán hasn't won since Matchday two. They are in a freefall.

14. León - This is another team clustered together near the bottom. Will forward Alfonso Alvarado prove worthy of his smirks?

13. Club Tijuana - They have the second fewest points. However, they have earned points in more matches than the teams below them. Likely that leads to a first win soon and justification for this spot.

12. Querétero - In thirteenth place in the Clausura this team has made it to twelve on this list. A lot of that has to do with goals and how they got their standings points. They have room for improvement.

11. San Luis - This is where they fall. There are no tiebreakers to decipher here. They're doing okay but not good enough yet.

10. Atlas - Atlas has also improved. They are not quite as improved as Necaxa but they are looking quite competitive. Will they keep it up?

9. Toluca - Play some defense already! This team, oh, this team. How frustrating is it that they have the most goals at sixteen but only a 2 win one loss 3 draw record? This team is going in both directions and should be interesting to track. Stay tuned.

8. Necaxa - The Necaxa club has went from dead last in the Apertura to now eighth place. Will it hold?

7. Chivas de Guadalajara - One one hand this team has barely scored more than opponents. On the other hand they only have one loss. A good team that could shake up the standings in or before the postseason.

6. Pumas UNAM - They finished the regular Apertura 2023 season in fourth; they are not a fourth place team so far. This unit is pretty good at number six.

5. Pachuca - This unit has compiled the second most amount of goals. And just like Toluca the losses hurt. This team has achieved a bit more though.

4. Cruz Azul - With a 9-3 goal differential they are playing the second best defense to Club América. This is a very good team.

3. Tigres UANL - This is a championship contender. Don't get testy, I would extend that remark to the whole top 5 here. With 11-5 in goals versus goals given up they could move up if their defense holds a little more.

2. Monterrey - First place in the standings and on the rise. A well deserved place near the top of the power rankings. But they're not the champs yet.

1. América - It's simple really. Unless they really struggle they are the current champs. You have to dethrone the champs. Well, unless they stop showing up and go away. That is certainly not expected.

What changes are coming as week 7 arrives? Will there be a shakeup atop the Clausura? Please continue to follow the action of Liga MX.