Liga MX Power Rankings Matchday 8

Look at how Matchday 7 altered the landscape of the Liga MX Clausura 2024.

These are updated power rankings based loosely on standings and other league tidbits as found on ESPN.

First, a review of last weeks power rankings could be of service: 1. América, 2. Monterrey, 3. Tigres UANL, 4. Cruz Azul, 5. Pachuca, 6. Pumas UNAM, 7. Chivas de Guadalajara, 8. Necaxa, 9. Toluca, 10. Atlas, 11. San Luis, 12. Querétero, 13. Tijuana, 14. León, 15. Mazatlán, 16. Santos Laguna, 17. Puebla and last at 18. Juárez. Did anything change? Hint, it did.

1. Cruz Azul - This team is playing themselves to the top. They are the current points leaders at 16 in 7 matches. Monterrey would pass their record with a win in their seventh match. Cruz Azul is tied with América in only allowing 3 goals, the fewest in Liga MX. Look for Cruz Azul to gain points against León on Wednesday February 21.

2. Pachuca - Currently Pachuca stands in second place with 15 league points. Maybe center midfielder Érick Sánchez chez can add to his 2 assists and 4 goals as per Transfermarkt soon. The next match pits tem against Puebla so you know Pachuca is thinking win or bust.

3. Monterrey - If Monterrey can handle business against Toluca Sunday February 18 at 9 then they may be the new leaders.

4. América - América fell when they lost their last match to Pachuca. This just happened yesterday Saturday February 17. Look for them to regroup just fine. Their still going to be near the top with their great defense.

5. Tigres UANL - Tigres is virtually tied with América in every way. Their goal differential is one worse. Also they are not the reigning champion. Beyond all that Tigres could be fourth.

6. Chivas de Guadalajara - They are almost tied all across the board with Pumas. I like the 3 wins in their last 4 enough to propel Chivas to this spot.

7. Pumas UNAM - Pumas also has a case for top 6 glory. They even have one goal differential better than Chivas. However they have been outplayed on the last 5 games overall compared to Guadalajara.

8. Necaxa - Necaxa and their 11 league points earns them this spot. Necaxa tied their last 2 matches and has a tough match against Chivas on Tuesday February 22.

9. Toluca - Toluca is another team competing in the Liga MX. And when I say competing I generally mean competitive too but it comes and goes.

10. Atlas - Atlas take on León in a match they should win. Atlas could pass Toluca if they are able to secure that result.

11. San Luis - San Luis has 7 points and stands alone in eleventh place.

12. Mazatlán - This club has fallen off from their Apertura standing of tenth place. They are in league spot twelve now.

13. Querétero - Querétero tied their last 2 matches. They need to avoid red cards and ties with bad clubs like Tijuana.

14. Tijuana - Tijuana got a tie against Querétero recently 1-1. Tijuana last won a match November 1 against Tigres; that might have looked like a good win if it were not 12 games ago.

15. León - León is coming off 2 straight tough one goal losses. If they intend to win or tie verses Atlas than they cannot be outscored again.

16. Juárez - Actually placing dead last in the standings can lead to last place here too. But their goal differential is better than the two clubs below them on this list. It just so happens they have a chance to prove their spot against Puebla this week. Do we hear a win?

17. Santos Laguna - They are squeezed into second to last on this list; this is not a position of envy. They have the second worst goal differential and are tied for second least points in the standings. Look for them to fall further against Toluca and Pumas this week.

18. Puebla - With a league worst goal differential of minus 8 and only 5 goals to their name I place Puebla in last. But it can only go up from here. Actually maybe not. A match with Juárez this week will better decide that.

What changes are coming as week 8 comes? Will there be another shakeup atop the Clausura? More action to come in what should be an exciting week 8 (some Matchday 9 games will be played midweek as well).