Mexico's Playoffs Start with Shootouts

Both of the first two games tie all the way to shootouts.
Pachuca v Pumas UNAM - Play-In Torneo Clausura 2024 Liga MX
Pachuca v Pumas UNAM - Play-In Torneo Clausura 2024 Liga MX / Jam Media/GettyImages

The Liga MX playoffs are set. Each team has played one another once for a total of seventeen matches of Clausura 2024 action apiece.

According to ESPN the field will include ten of the eighteen clubs from first place Club América down to tenth place Querétero.

The site Bola VIP further breaks down the playoff structure. Similar to the current National Basketball League format, the Liga MX playoffs start with a four team play-in setup. The eighth and seventh place teams take each other on for the right to advance into the rest of the tournament. Then the ninth place team and the tenth place team face each other; the winner of this match faces the loser of the seven eight match for the right to move on.

This season, seventh place belongs to Pachuca. They matched up with eighth place Pumas UNAM. Though Pumas acquired a red card, there were zero regulation goals. Pumas won the subsequent shootout over Pachuca five goals to three. Pumas advances further into the playoffs while Pachuca will have one more shot against the winner of the second play-in game.

The second play-in game features ninth place Necaxa and tenth place Querétero. That match had a one to one score and also went to penalty kicks to decide it. That set of kicks was won by Necaxa 3-2. That means that the Clausura is over for Querétero while Necaxa will move on to face Pachuca to see who wins to advance.

That exciting Pachuca verses Necaxa match will take place Sunday May 5 at 9 pm. Expect a crazy crowd at Pachuca's own Estadio Hidalgo on Cinco de Mayo.