Monterrey Mashes Mazatlán

Monterrey plays well and escapes with the win.
Monterrey v Mazatlan FC - Torneo Clausura 2024 Liga MX
Monterrey v Mazatlan FC - Torneo Clausura 2024 Liga MX / Azael Rodriguez/GettyImages

Monterrey is still around the top of the Liga MX standings. According to AI Score Monterrey took a first half lead and it was later cut in half.

Arteaga opened the scoring. The outside Monterrey defender scored in minute 18.

No other goals were scored for awhile. There was a yellow card given to Cortizo. Shortly after that Mazatlán made a substitution switching strikers. Would that help them finally score?

No. At least not yet. For Monterrey would score the next point. Striker Berterame would score the second goal. This would be put in just a speck before half. The halftime score was 2-0 Monterrey over Mazatlán.

Wuld Mazatlán score in this match? Yes. Just into the second half Monterrey would make a pair of substitutions. Then Mazatlán would put across a goal in minute 59. Amarilla scored the goal. That made the score 2-1.

Several substitutions would come to help to pass the time between goals. Then Díaz of Mazatlán would earn a yellow card. There would be a foul needing VAR video referee review to decide whether to give a penalty kick to Monterrey. The ultimate decision was not to give the penalty kick.

The match would have no more goals. There would be several more substitutions. There would be two yellow cards issued. Monterrey would have their goalie pick up a yellow card. Mazatlán had a yellow given to striker Árciga Zárate. The match would have seven minutes of stoppage time added. The match would come to a stop after that. Monterrey would come away with the 2-1 victory.