Pachuca and León Square Off

The match ended 3-2 Pachuca last night.
Pachuca v Leon - Torneo Clausura 2024 Liga MX
Pachuca v Leon - Torneo Clausura 2024 Liga MX / Agustin Cuevas/GettyImages

Pachuca wins this highly contested match at Estudio Hidalgo. Per Vavel León actually had more shots and shots on goal. Shots on goal are shots landing in the goal area that need to be defended. This higher shot rate resulted in five keeper saves by Pachuca; only two saves were made by León.

Five goals were recorded in the match. The first was scored at 12 minutes in by Bautista Gutiérrez of Pachuca. León would score twice before half to take the lead. Those goals were from Ambriz at minute 34 and López at the 40th minute.

The second half was fun. Idrissi scored a goal for Pachuca. That goal made it in at minute 60 of the match. Later, Sánchez would score at minute 67 for the final goal. That would decide the match at 3-2 Pachuca.

In minute 79 a red card was awarded; VAR review was required. Nápoli of León was the one shown off the field. There was also a minute 17 yellow card for Rodríguez of León. Another yellow was given at minute 35 to León midfielder Guardado. In minute 50 Rodriguez Macías of Pachuca was booked for a yellow. Pedraza of Pachuca earned a yellow at minute 90 + 4 into stoppage time. At 90 + 8 the match was called final.