Pachuca Knocks Herediano out of Cup

CONCACAF hopefuls square off and Pachuca remains.
Pachuca v Herediano - Concacaf Champions Cup 2024
Pachuca v Herediano - Concacaf Champions Cup 2024 / Manuel Velasquez/GettyImages

Per Vavel Pachuca proved too much for Herediano. Pachuca will move on in the competition to the Semifinals.

With the cup down to four teams who will take the title? Pachuca will join fellow Liga MX competitors Club América and Monterrey. The fourth club left is the Columbus Crew.

Game one of the set between Pachuca and Herediano saw a bunch of goals. Those goals were all by Pachuca. Pachuca won that match 5-0.

Rondón would start the scoring almost right away. He somehow found the net in minute three. About ten to fifteen minutes would pass before the score would change.

Rondón once again would find goal in minute sixteen. That was quite early to gain a two to zip lead! Would he score any more in the match. Time would tell as time provides opportunities for chances.

The first half would close before another goal. That next goal was scored in minute fifty five from Domínguez Figueroa. That would put the score at 3-0. Could Herediano muster a comeback?

Herediano would have five of seven shots reach target, however none would score. The next Pachuca score came from Rondón again. That would be his third goal; the third goal from one person is considered quite a success and it is celebrated as a hat trick. This was a hat trick for Rondón with over twenty minutes left!

The last goal of match one was not Rondón's fourth. It was scored by Bautista Gutiérrez as regulation was coming to a close.

Match two would prove a much more exciting contest if it were viewed as a standalone match. The match would go 2-1.

The first goal of match two came early in the second half from Pachuca. González would score in minute forty seven or just into the second half. That would put the score at 1-0 and the total aggregate up to 6-0 in favor of Pachuca.

The next goal was from the match one star Rondón. He would put in his fourth goal of the he set in minute fifty nine of the second game. Would that be it?

Herediano did have a last gasp in them. It came as they were able to earn a penalty kick situation in minute sixty two. Rubio was able to find the net past the keeper in this penalty kick.

That would be all for match two. The total contest would be won by Pachuca at a 7-1 score. Pachuca will continue in the cup with Club América on Tuesday, April 23.