Puebla vs Necaxa 1/19/24 Preview

Nexaca (1-0) takes on Puebla (0-1) in Clausura Matchday two.
Necaxa v Puebla (from Apertura 2023)
Necaxa v Puebla (from Apertura 2023) / Leopoldo Smith/GettyImages

According to Sofascore, Puebla is favored with a tie also being noted as far more likely than a Nexaca win. Though their records would indicate the opposite result Nexaca is not expected to prevail.

Football Whispers has put together a complete betting outlook to this match; they also expect a Puebla win. Though Puebla is favored to either win or tie pretty much everywhere it is still expected to be a close tight match. It is even viewed as a possible one goal game.

Heading over to Oddsopedia, these are some possibilities as far as who will start and play the game. It is expected to look like a 4-4-1-1 lineup from Puebla verses a 4-3-3 setup of Nexaca players.

For Puebla, expect the goalie to be Rodriguez. The defense is projected to be Angulo, Silva, Olmedo and Ferrereis. A midfield may be compromised of Alvarez, de Buen, Gonzalez Diaz and Velasco. Barragan is expected to lineup between the midfield and the striker Sansores.

Nexaca may likely feature Unsain in front of the net. Then, expect to see Mayorga, Pena, Montes and Cortes. Then you should find a midfield of Cortez, Gomez and Arce. The frontline shall be projected as Samudio, Montreal and Cambindo Abonia.

Puebla took the last head to head 2-1. Who takes this one?