Super Bowl Futbol Dazzles

A giant stadium of futbol fans sees a great match.
What a beautiful futbol stadium for the big game.
What a beautiful futbol stadium for the big game. / Hector Vivas/GettyImages

What a wonderful day it was for a game of futbol. Many were in attendance of this seventy two thousand fan venue.

According to ESPN, there were a total of fifteen infractions that the whistle crew deliberated. That led in many ways to the 3-0 final score.

Pumas and Puebla squared off this weekend in another nice Liga MX match. Along with the three goals the match also saw one red card and two yellow cards. All of these bookings went against the losing Puebla side.

The first score was not until near the end of the action! Yes, in minute seventy seven Ali Avila put one through the net. He would return just minutes later for a repeat goal in the eighty third minute. Just after the second goal, a frustrated Brayan Angulo would get tossed. The final goal would be scorched by Guillermo Martínez at minute ninety plus two into final stoppage time.

Were does Puebla go from here? The loss leaves them two points from the bottom of the table and in sixteenth place. Stacking wins is of utmost importance now.

Pumas is now in sixth but just three points off the pace. They trail the top of the table by only one win. They would be in line for extra postseason action if the Clausura ended today.