Supercopa MX Returns With Tigres and América

Club América takes on Tigres UANL in the return of the pre-covid annual super-title event.
SuperCopa MX - Cruz Azul v Club Necaxa
SuperCopa MX - Cruz Azul v Club Necaxa / Omar Vega/GettyImages

Tigres and América will face off for the Supercopa MX title per ESPN.

This match will be a one and done instead of the aggregate two game format. It will occur on Jun 30, 4:00 PM. The event is being held at the Dignity Health Sports Park. It is a tennis center in Carson, Los Angeles, California, United States. This should be a unique venue for the event.

Club América gets in as they were the champions of both the Apertura and Clausura. So how did the other team get chosen? Tigres UANL finished third and then fifth in the standings these past two seasons. Tigres UANL lost in the quarterfinals of the Clausura to Monterrey. Tigres UANL was the runner up of the Apertura, falling to Club América four to one.

Now it is clear to see why Tigres is here. Tigres UANL was the runner up of the Apertura. They stand a chance to win on a neutral site in a single game match.

When was the last Supercopa MX and how did that go? Cruz Azul triumphed over Necaxa in the latest one. That event occured way back in the year 2019. It is a whole different world and a whole different league since that contest

So who will win? Both teams have a chance. The format strives for competition. But ultimately Club América has been too much for everyone the past year.

Club América has them overtaken on goal differential. In the Clausura, they won that plus eighteen to plus eleven. In the regular season of the Clausura, both teams were equal at three wins one loss and one their last five matches. Tigres UANL does slightly have the edge in goals scored at thirty four to thirty. So if it is a higher scoring match maybe that is how Tigres UANL could be victorious. Either way it should be a good time.