Tigres Plays in One Sided not so Friendly

The match was won against Correcaminos UAT of Liga de Expansión MX.
Delfines del Carmen vs Correcaminos - Liga  Ascenso 2014  MX
Delfines del Carmen vs Correcaminos - Liga Ascenso 2014 MX / LatinContent/GettyImages

Tigres UANL took on Correcaminos UAT as a lead up to a big match.

The game was the first of three friendly matches prior to the Supercopa per As.

This game was to serve as a tune up. How much tuning up can be done in a seven goal game? That is how much they won by. Tigres UANL pounded the opposing minor league team. They outscored them by a final of 8-1.

An Intimate View of the Endangered Desert Bighorns of Southern California
An Intimate View of the Endangered Desert Bighorns of Southern California / David McNew/GettyImages

So what are the opponents? The Correcaminos are Greater Roadrunners. Pictured above is a similar roadrunner from southern California.

How successful is the opponent? Liga de Expansión MX standings show that Correcaminos UAT were eleventh of fifteen in the recent 2024 Clausura per ESPN. In the Apertura of 2023 they did manage to place ninth. So this is a meager to moderate opponent.

So who started the game for Tigres UANL? The new Serbian coach sent out the regular starters first. He sent out Felipe Rodríguez; Jesús Garza, Guido Pizarro, Diego Reyes, Jesús Angulo; Rafael Carioca, Fernando Gorriarán; Luis Quiñones, Juan Brunetta, Sebastián Córdova and André Pierre-Gignac.

The friendly match was played in a different than normal time arrangement. Rather than playing two forty five minute halves the game was split into four thirty minute quarters.

The starters played to the score of 5-1. Juan Brunetta scored first. Later, a goal was put across by André Pierre-Gignac. Each of them would score another goal to close out the first quarter. André Pierre-Gignac scored his second goal on a penalty kick. The opposition managed a goal to make it 4-1. Then, Luis Quiñones scored; that would be all for the starters.

Later, substitutes would enter play. Playing for Tigres UANL were 38 year old keeper Nahuel “Patón” Guzmán and Eduardo Tercero, Juan Purata, Samir Caetano; Eugenio Pizzuto, Juan Pablo Vigón, Sebastián Fierro, Diego Sánchez; Ozziel Herrera, Juan Luna and Nicolás Ibáñez.

The subs would put across a few more goals. Three more goals were scored in the match; all three additional goals were by Tigres UANL. Did this match help in their conquest to prepare and win against Club América in the Supercopa?