Tigres Topple León 2-1

Tigres outlasted León 2-1 in the opening match of Clausura 2024 for each team.

Vavel recounted that "Tigres manages to turn the score around and start the Clausura 2024 on the right foot." That they did, in a match where Tigres were the aggressors though the match was even at one goal each through 76 minutes.

Tigres out possessed León 522-387, and went for that advantage from the get go. However the first half would not show that as it produced zero scores.

Half number two pretty much opened up with a score from the often defensive and countering club León. That was achieved in minute 50 via a knock from Mena.

The response was not heard until 12 minutes later as Córdova put one in the net. That would tie the match up at 1-1 for the time being. Two changes were made in the following minutes before the final goal; goal scorer Córdova was replaced by Herrera while León put on Nápoli in place of Rodríguez.

Gignac of Tigres completed the comeback by scoring in minute 77 to claim the lead. That would be the first and final lead for Tigres as well as the last goal of the match.