Transfers Complicate Liga MX

To get to the top like Cruz Azul did in 2021 navigating the transfer market is a key part of success.
Cruz Azul v Santos Laguna - Final Torneo Guard1anes 2021 Liga MX
Cruz Azul v Santos Laguna - Final Torneo Guard1anes 2021 Liga MX / Hector Vivas/GettyImages

The transfer portal is big long often and complicated. Luckily sites like Transfermarkt are here to help. Let's see what is taking place in the transfer market so far for the 2024 year.

Fernando Ovelar is on loan to Union Española for the 2024 year alone from CF Pachuca with an option to buy. This youngster probably was not going to play much yet at age 20. Some of his best play was for his Paraguay under 17 national team where he scored twice.

Other Liga MX transfer players include: Michael Estrada, A. Martínez, Jonny Uchuari, Vicente Poggi, F. Martínez, L. Di Yorio, V. Rodríguez, Agustín Urzi, Edison Fernando, Pedro Raul, S. Sosa (the goalie not the baseball star), Alí Ávila, Edgar Guerra, Leo Suárez, Bruno Amione, C. Ortíz, Omar Campos, N. Freire, M. Hinestrosa, G. Arteaga, Joao Rojas, Higor Meritão, F. Álvarez, G. del Prete, David Terans, Chicharito and Samuel Sosa.

Javairô Dilrosun of Feyenoord Rotterdam is on loan to Club América for the 2024 year. It is a large sum of around $4.9 Million for the loan. Club América is doing well and moves like this may continue to help.

Which transfer do you see a key for? Did your team bring one in or loan one out? Some of these players are on very low fees or free transfers with certain options in them like to buy. Others like Dilrosun, Terans, A. Martínez and di Yorio are on loans for millions of dollars (though usually shown in euro). There are sure to be lasting effects on the league.