Uruguay Win With Assist From Liga MX

Liga MX players have clear impact on Uruguay verses Panama match.
Uruguay v Panama - CONMEBOL Copa America USA 2024
Uruguay v Panama - CONMEBOL Copa America USA 2024 / Jam Media/GettyImages

Maximiliano Araújo of Toluca in Liga MX showed great impact on this Copa América match

Maximiliano Araújo opened the scoring of the game per Reuters. The goal came in minute 16 of the game. It was a scoreless tie until this goal.

Matías Viña received the ball coming up the left side of the pitch just inside the attacking third. A short pass was played over to Max Araújo inside near the big box. Maximiliano Araújo fired a shot. Max scored the goal with assist from teammate Matías Viña. That put the score at one to nothing Uruguay over Panama.

Goals were later scored leaving the final of the match 3-1 Uruguay. The other goals came from Matías Viña, Darwin Núñez and Panama's Michael Amir Murillo. Uruguay leads Group C now over USA on total goals scored.

Both sides were represented by Liga MX players. Other Liga MX footballers on the sides include Sebastián Cáceres, Brian Rodríguez and Édgar Bárcenas. Édgar Bárcenas plays for Mazatlán and Panama. Both Uruguayan teammates Sebastián Cáceres and Brian Rodríguez are also together on the Club América Eagles roster.

Brian Rodríguez did not appear in the match though he was present on the bench. Sebastián Cáceres played 30 minutes and had 13 passes for Uruguay. Yoel Bárcenas played nearly a full match at 89 minutes played.

Group C play will continue with two more matches apiece. The next match for Panama may be crucial as they will be desperate for points. Panama will have to do that against the United States on Thursday. Also on Thursday, Uruguay will take on a Bolivia squad that also is starved for points. Copa América is sure an exciting soccer tournament.