Alfredo Talavera is the new goalkeeper for Pumas U.N.A.M.

Toluca goalkeeper Alfredo Talavera will be moving after all. We were wrong.

In earlier weeks rumors of Alfredo Talavera heading to Xolos of Tijuana of all places emerged with the teams proposing a swap keeper for keeper including Tijuana goalkeeper Gabriel Lajud for Alfredo Talavera, the rumors were almost appearing as facts. That was until rumor has its Xolos of Tijuana couldn’t agree to Alfredo Talavera’s salary demands. The rumors quelled and it seemed the keeper was to stay a Diablo.

That was until Pumas proposed a swap for their keeper Alfredo Saldivar for Alfredo Talavera. Tijuana is already becoming a contender due to the big moves and the raiding of Queretaro players. Pumas U.N.A.M seems fine with the former Chivas goalkeeper Alfredo Talavera’s salary demands.

@PabloCarriloL took to twitter to confirm the move. Stating “Only a few details are left for the change of Alfredo’s: Alfredo Talavera will arrive at goalkeeper for Pumas and Alfredo Saldivar will arrive as Toluca’s goalkeeper.”

This is an interesting move for Pumas U.N.A.M who haven’t done much this offseason. Every season they seem to get a jump start on the competition, but as the Jornadas come and go Pumas fall deeper and deeper out of contention of Liguilla in Liga MX. Alfredo Talavera will try to be that wall he has shown to be for Toluca as well as the Mexican National Team to plummet Pumas into LIguilla and give them a fighting chance.

Alfredo Saldivar on the other hand has been a decent keeper for U.N.A.M but his consistency has been in question more than once and that goes long before this past Clausura that was eventually canceled due to COVID-19. He has shown some bright spots but far too often has had many fans of the university’s club scratching their hands and questioning if this is the best they could do.

One thing is for certain and that’s the fact seeing Talavera in a Pumas jersey will be odd at first, but I imagine it’s something every U.N.A.M fan can get behind as they look for a fighting chance to get back to the glory which they haven’t since Clausura 2011.