Chivas were robbed of the GNP Cup.

As the game drew to a close and penalties became more and more of a reality, a strange call got a lot of attention.

Chivas came into Sunday nights game against Cruz Azul firing on all cylinders, boasting 4 goals to defeat America in the semi-finals a few days prior in-game that contained 7 goals. The final had felt like it had already been played. Cruz Azul came into the game confidently and as composed as ever under coach Robert Siboldi. Beating Tigres in the semi-final where tensions got heated, in what was a disgrace of sportsmanship.

Our review of the game is here, check it out.

The game, in short, was dull, Chivas scored first and then scored again (own goal). Penalties were almost inevitable. One moment in the 93rd minute drew a lot of criticism and anger from El Rebano Sagrado’s fanbase. The ref blew the whistle after a ball was cleared from Chivas box and he ran towards the box and signaled for a penalty.

Of course, the tv goes directly to replays where Chivas player Gilberto ‘Tibu’ Sepulveda is seen basically giving out the people’s elbow to a Cruz Azul player when they were fighting for the ball in the air which gets called a penalty, but a really soft one at that.

Just seemed so weird for the game that was about to be taken to penalties with Cruz Azul’s most inexperienced keeper in Sebastian Jurado at goal to all of a sudden be stopped and derailed. On top of that, it was a soft penalty be given to a Chivas player in Tibu Sepulveda that angered the ref around the 80th minute when he fouled a Cruz Azul player and received a yellow for that first one. Sepulveda argued that first yellow and essentially told the ref to “go have a beautiful day”.

Oh, that second foul that was a penalty was a yellow also, making that two yellow cards and equalling a red for Sepulveda which meant he was thrown out of the game. Chivas had a chance to equalize after Jonathan Rodriguez scored on the penalty making the game 2-1, but didn’t find any opportunities in the last 30 seconds as the final whistle blew.

When that final whistle blew the whole Chivas organization wanted the refs head and were berating him afterward after they felt robbed and rightfully so. Even Chivas sporting director “Ricardo Pelaez” was yelling at the referee.

The ref handled the situation like a diva, the whole tournament is made up in the first place and is to get practice in for the players and help ease fans during these uncertain times. A penalty shootout would have been more exciting and would have let the teams decide who was really the best in a game where both sides seemed evenly matched.

To not even give Chivas the opportunity to earn a win in penalties and awarding one at the final minute of gameplay to the opponent as the time drew to a close is the textbook definition of robbery. Chivas fans should be upset. Even if the cup is made up.

Fingers crossed this lights a fire underneath Chivas and unleashed J.J Macias when these two teams meet later this 2020 Apertura. Chivas look forward to the start of the season as they play Leon in the week one of league play.